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01.Trilaminate Heel Raise (AH-THR)
02.Full Length Orthotic - Medium (Pair)
03.Full Length Orthotic - Large (Pair)
04.Full Length Orthotic - Small (Pair)
05.Full Length Orthotic - X-Large (Pair)
06.Diabetic Insole (AH-DIN)
07.Three Quarter Orthotic - Medium (Pair)
08.Trimthotic - Medium-Large. (AH TT M-L)
09.Three Quarter Orthotic - Small (Pair)
10.Trimthotic - Small-Medium. (AH TT S-M)
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Orthopedic Insoles

FULL-LENGTH ORTHOTIC Designed by the creators of PhysiPod, our orthopedic insoles biomechanically correct foot alignment and offer maximum foot support to the foot throughout the gait cycle. Using the latest in orthopedic engineering technology and premium quality materials, PhysiPod Orthotics will offer optimum control and comfort in prefabricated orthotic therapy. Many foot and lower limb complaints can be treated with PhysiPod orthotics, including:

  • Flat feet ad over pronation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Ball of foot pain
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Knee pains
  • Shin splints
  • Lower back pain

Orthotic Insole for Flat Feet & Arch Support

These are some of the best arch support insoles Melbourne has to offer. Our orthotics have a unique arch filler for added support and stability to keep you walking comfortably for hours and hours. It has been specifically engineered to fit the arch space perfectly, allowing the orthotic to convert immediately from medium to firm. This is especially useful for those who play high-impact sport and those needing extra arch support. Aside from offering the full-length orthotic, we also manufacture it in 3/4 length. Those in need of arch support inserts online or custom orthotics, Melbourne-based PhysiPod has you covered.

Diabetic Insole

Our diabetic insoles offer triple-layer comfort and protection for diabetes, arthritis, sensitive feet and general foot pain. This is a podiatrist designed medical grade insoles, offering tri-laminate construction with three layers of comfort. The medical grade plastazote top cover provides properties that mold to your feet to distribute weight across the foot. It reduces friction and aids in impact absorption. It has excellent thermal properties to keep your feet warm when in use. The middle layer, a soft foam, cushions the foot and reduces friction forces that are present during weight bearing. The third layer is a polyurethane base designed to give support to the inner arch, further enhancing shock absorption and cushioning. For the very best in protective insole support, you can count on PhysiPod. Ideal for high risk foot types, such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vascular impairment and general day to day comfort.

Custom Orthotics Melbourne


We have the very best orthotic insoles. Melbourne-based clients can’t stop praising PhysiPod’s Trimthotics – our newest technology in insoles for flat feet. Designed by our team for the slimmer shoe, both for men and women. It is used for a number of foot complaints, including flat feet, heel spurs and painful forefoot. The Trimthotic is a medical-grade orthotic designed to fit into most types of slim or narrow footwear. This includes women’s fashion shoes, anything from a low to medium height heel. It also includes men’s shoes such as business, runner’s spikes – even children’s shoes! The Trimthotic is made of quality thermoplastic with a quality leather top cover. Trimthotics are exclusive orthotics insoles, only available through our online store.

Trilaminate Heel Raise

The PhysiPod Trilaminate Heel Raise is designed to offer up to a 10mm raise on the affected side. It is made of three laminated sheets of premium EVA and a soft chamois top cover with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments. The Trilaminate Heel Raise allows for the sheets of EVA to be peeled away to the desired height – or added back as needed. Having the ability to use all three levels allows practitioners to phase/in and phase out the heel raise by adding back or removing layers when required.